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Dave Wakeham is a highly skilled professional DJ and presenter, renowned for his unwavering commitment to delivering unforgettable musical experiences to his audiences. 

At the tender age of sixteen, Dave joined a local radio station, where he discovered an intense passion for music and radio broadcasting. It was during this period that he began producing captivating radio shows, constantly pushing the boundaries of the available technology of that era.

Fueled by his unyielding passion for music  Dave Wakeham embarked on a thrilling journey that took him to nearly forty clubs across ten different countries. Working for various agents in diverse locations, he experienced the exhilaration and obstacles of being a foreign DJ in unfamiliar territories. Despite language barriers and occasional setbacks, Dave's exceptional talent and consummate professionalism shone through, earning him a well-deserved reputation as a skilled and versatile DJ, both on the radio and on the dancefloors. 

Dave Wakeham continues to captivate audiences with his extraordinary talent and ability to create indelible musical experiences.