Want to Book a DJ with years of experience? a DJ who can entertain a mature Audience ?

Dave Wakeham is a professional DJ with over 25 years of experience and a massive archive of music dating back many years.


Straight out of the box , Dave Wakeham presents over fourty years of club music give it a listen and you can experience more on mixcloud here.

DAVE WAKEHAM Talks about multimedia and art.

Originally from Liverpool England , Radio wise , Dave Wakeham was influenced by the great DJs of the seventies from Radio Luxembourg, BBC radio 1 . Club wise , the jazz funk and soul club DJs , This took him on a long journey through the world of DJ based entertainment.

Starting at the age of sixteen Dave Wakeham became one of the youngest radio presenters and shortly after took him around the world through various agencies during the eighties to eventually end up in Hamburg Germany at the beginning of the nineties.

Throughout the years Dave has produced over a thousand hours of radio, worked in over forty clubs, in ten different countries, and now speaks fluent German as well as his native English.

His current repertoire being a timeless high quality music program for a discerning audience. For a more mixed age group event his past experience helps him become more flexible. Different programs for different events.

Throughout the DJ years, Dave has been asked to play music at many events including Rock and Jazz festivals and broadcast live from the love parade in Berlin during the 90s. He has also been involved in a multitude of private parties, sport events fashion shows, after film and premier events, shop openings open air events and birthdays.

After ten years of touring he gained a vast knowledge of different musical cultures especially within the European continent, The love parade must have been the largest audience, After trade fair " CEBIT / FFMM / IFA " events the most international and the sixtieth birthday of a famous art collector the most challenging:

Over the years Dave has aimed to supply quality DJ based entertainment and customer satisfaction, any place or time and no job too large or small, devoting full attention to doing the job of entertaining the people in question..

So now you can benefit from years of hands on DJ experience, extensive technical and musical knowledge. Music trends from the past, right up to the present day, and to suit a particular target group or audience.

You may also agree that there is a lot of really good new music from new artists and producers available today. everything is possible, but obviously not on the same night.

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