Sunday, 03 May 2020 08:33

Harbour State

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A Music Video showing scenes of Hamburg Harbour

Saturday, 25 April 2020 09:36

Westside Eastside

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The idea of producing a local magazine might sound like pie in the sky to any ordinary individual , it was 2003 and I was in a situation, struggling to get work ,feeling completely stressed out and left out , however my mind was buzzing with ideas , I decided to create my own work. WEST SIDE not only West Side Magazine , but the idea of having it linked to a web site and a web site linked to downloadable local artist stuff a blog a local interactive platform.

In the area there were bars opening up , various boutiques , cafes , theres a live music venue alternative cinema showing interesting films and some retro cult films. Plenty of scope for dates for art exhibitions , local info it was like without having to think too hard I had enough stuff to fill years and years of concept. and how to get this rolling on a no budget.