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Monday, 20 April 2020 18:50

Many styles but not on the same night.

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Many Styles of music but not necessarily on the same night in the same venue.

I can and have been known to do specialised areas of music for special events and this is something a lot of younger DJs tend to avoid. It might appear to some that that is more to DJ-ing than electronic beats coming out of a lap top or live mixing with abelton and a midi controller of sorts accompanied by lots of knob twiddling. Sure times and trends evolve and im sure any media or entertainment professional will agree with me that trendy club music doesn’t go down too well at a mixed age group family or corporate event. But on the other hand I'm not going to bore my audience with a standard program either.

The world has moved on from Boney M, Abba and sixties greatest hits or a bunch of eighties compilation CDs. We are living in a more modern high tech society with more on offer than ever before; the individual needs of the mature professional person are a lot different that ever before. Some of my observations that have brought me to notice different people have different tastes.

Take a Dentist age 45, preference Red hot chilli peppers , AC,DC , Metallica, cold play , old timer cars and an absolute play station freak.Take a company owner age 41 preference Latin Jazz, up tempo House a good cook and likes to go clubbing to the more sophisticated places when on his travels. Or how about the sales executive over 40 that knows all the lyrics to all the sex pistols songs Its not going to be an oldie party is it ?. I remember when I first started Dj-ing back in 1976 or thereabouts, oldies were fifties and early sixties hits. So oldies today wouldn't even be pre millennium although the last four decades of music have been recycled sampled and covered like never before.

I can, and have been know to do specialised areas of music for special events, taking in the clients own ideas too, I wont sit there and just play a program to a bunch of people who I know nothing about and who know nothing about the music that I am playing. Its the job of entertainment and that's the bottom line.

Here you can have a listen to various specialised radio shows on mix cloud.


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