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Previously Posted May 2012


Fifteen years later technology had moved from, what was classed as a fad, a hobby and something experimental, to really serious shit.

Back then we had the arrogance of those, who, because they had the gear and power to create stuff, they could call the shots. 

Some of the latter didn’t realize that their days were numbered and that technological advancement will eat away their very delicate brittle little protective shell and they will become one of the rest.

Technology had been moving at such a fast pace at that time that although a confusing time, stuff became affordable.

If we look on the software and programming side of things, all you really needed was a computer, any computer and knowledge.

It was a complete reversal of the norm, “ what you don’t know MIGHT HURT you ” .

Back then I did say, web pages will one day become web sites with more functions; web domains will one day be able to show “Video” meaning MEDIA ON DEMAND is inevitable.

I also said in 1998 that Internet television will present even more choices, will be the next big thing and obviously the established will try to brush it under the carpet but keep at least one eye open. Some thought I was talking rubbish or they were frightened of the truth… and now today media on demand is starting to become order of the day amongst the under thirties, and the modern thinking over forties.

We do notice how major TV stations are grabbing interesting content from the internet and showing it in lower quality at tea time and how they actually are slowly but surely merging into the one and only system of choice for the mass.

We have had the MTV Generation , We now have the you tube and face book generation, but what next , and next is going to be 3 years from now, in fact what’s current is already past and soon is being worked on now.

When You Tube arrived, some said with a grin " ohh !! little videos that you can watch with a magnifying glass " lots of skeptics laughing at it, but now look at how anyone can film and upload and deliver full HD material from anywhere.

So what are the established technology critics going to say about it all now that analogue TV has gone forever ? unless your one of those nostalgic people who collects 78s. CDs are now a thing of the past, and Video mixing and cutting is now possible on an I phone ? HD video cameras start at 165 Euros and Simons cat has had five million views on you tube !!.

What are they going to say in years to come. Imagine something the size of a credit card doing something like an I phone does today, something like LCD screens embedded into contact lenses,  LCD bathroom tiles where you can change your design at the touch of a button. Just a few ideas that could and will be normal everyday life very soon, watch this space.


Technology is the result of human fantasy.


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