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Theaters, Musicals, small events, large events, festivals, concerts , bars, clubs, restaurants, fast food, shopping center’s, do we really have too many ?

On a recent excursion through the city at about two in the afternoon, I noticed a considerable lack of people but a multitude of shops; I could literally walk from one end of the city to the other through shopping areas and not get rained on.

The city center thrives mainly on the people who work there, tourists and someone like me who might take a trip down town to see what’s new,

I bought a kit Kat.

As it is, in the boroughs we also have shopping centers so we don’t need to go into the city to buy a tie or a model aircraft for young Johnny; we have the whole exciting shopping experience right in front of our door.

Where I live we have two and soon we will have three so we will be living in the middle of a triangle of shopping centers with three Aldis Three Lidles three of everything.We already have twenty seven bakeries “ last count” seventy hairdressers, five organic food supermarkets and umpteen chemists  all within walking distance.

It’s nice to get into the city and stop off and have a meal or a coffee with a visiting relative or friend and one can also watch frustrated drivers stuck in jams looking for free parking spaces that don’t exist.

One can see which shop has been gutted and refurbished for about the fifth time or hear the sound of the builders hammering away at yet another multimillion euro building scheme that is still not finished due to over budgeting.

We may have experts telling us all kinds of things but in my opinion we have reached,


First: we have far too many channels of communication that we don’t have enough time to consume manage or even establish anything anymore.

Second: we have far too many square feet of entertainment space that not every place can be full and interesting at any one time and

third: rents ancillary costs have shot through the roof.

Change is inevitably on the way.


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