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Previously Posted. March 2018

Some thirty years ago I was put into the privileged position of becoming totally broke and homeless. I had lost everything, girlfriend, car bank account and was given forty eight hours notice to move out. I say privileged position because one finds out who ones real friends are !

Completely wiped off the monopoly board I had ended up renting a room from an old friend. My income was social security, which sort of allowed me to think about my next moves.

I was in the middle of rebuilding my life, I had already achieved the status of being part time employed but things were still rocky. One day I was doing some mathematics, trying to work out how I  could scrape another two hundred and twenty within ten days to  pay my rent. The phone rang. On the phone was Frank, a guy I had got to know in the city one night after work. I didn’t really know too much about him, but within five minutes I knew his life story, he was depressed and in a very bad mood and needed some advice.

His mother had promised to cut him off from the inheritance. If he didn’t do as he was told, he stands to lose the three houses, the thirty five rented properties, the late eighteenth century antiques and paintings, and the house in the Italian Riviera, I said “Ohh that’s really bad , I’m just working out how I’m going to find another two hundred and twenty to pay my rent in ten days”. He put the phone down on me never to be heard of again.

Its a strange world.




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