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As seen on television, Its a mind war Its pollution of our minds, observations of reality in a world going wrong.

News placed directly into our hands from any small corner of the world can start to make us think Its a big bad cold world out there, no one cares,

but is this true ?

From my own life experiences I have come across people who other people consider bad people, the reason why they think they are bad people is because someone else, or something else told them.

I have been living in a borough of Hamburg for the last twenty years, here we have almost every race, religeon, colour,nationality, gender and social status that exists, even a tibettan throat singer and a man who gos for walks with a parrot on his shoulder. People go about their day and everything seems to be just fine in this little part of the world untill we switch on the news.

I wrote mind war and pollution to bring on reality.

You can listen to it here https://soundcloud.com/dave-wakeham/sets/mind-war-polution-executive-edition



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Dave Wakeham DJ, multimedia artist , presenter

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