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My parents bought a tape recorder and as kids we used to play about singing messing about on microphone.
Hearing our voices on tape for the first time was quite a thing, as time went on , one would find me cutting tape up and editing and eventualy making up cassettes.
Others would come round and I would be recording interviews and comedy sketches with others doing impersonations of news reporters and generally doing it all for fun.
By the time I was 16 I was working for small local radio station for a children's hospital gaining some new skills. I had gotten the DJ bug. I was doing private parties such as weddings and twentyfirst birthdays at 18. I built my own disco in lights and aquired some second hand equipment. A lot of DJ equipment at the time was in its early stages and was usualy built by some ambitious person with knowledge. I eventually got a job in a nightclub in 1980 just at the start of the new wave scene, at the time it was Disco , Soul n Funk , Northern soul and motown , jazz funk or Rock in most clubs.
I followed the various directions in music not wanting to get stuck somewhere. I was basically doing a thursday playing the new wave stuff like Joy Division, Gary Newman , Visage , Soft Cell and a Friday more in the Soul n Funk direction. Following all that I watched the development of electric funk towards the Break dance, scratching DJs ,rap, hip hop and the irival of beat boxes and other tools.
A lot of music has becomie more danceable these days and geners are merging to such an extend to to such an extend that you can't label it any more.
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Dave Wakeham DJ, multimedia artist , presenter

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