Saturday, 13 November 2021 10:07

Serious Sh.1.t a formular for the future.

Previously Posted May 2012


Fifteen years later technology had moved from, what was classed as a fad, a hobby and something experimental, to really serious shit.

Back then we had the arrogance of those, who, because they had the gear and power to create stuff, they could call the shots. 

Some of the latter didn’t realize that their days were numbered and that technological advancement will eat away their very delicate brittle little protective shell and they will become one of the rest.

Technology had been moving at such a fast pace at that time that although a confusing time, stuff became affordable.

If we look on the software and programming side of things, all you really needed was a computer, any computer and knowledge.

It was a complete reversal of the norm, “ what you don’t know MIGHT HURT you ” .

Back then I did say, web pages will one day become web sites with more functions; web domains will one day be able to show “Video” meaning MEDIA ON DEMAND is inevitable.

I also said in 1998 that Internet television will present even more choices, will be the next big thing and obviously the established will try to brush it under the carpet but keep at least one eye open. Some thought I was talking rubbish or they were frightened of the truth… and now today media on demand is starting to become order of the day amongst the under thirties, and the modern thinking over forties.

We do notice how major TV stations are grabbing interesting content from the internet and showing it in lower quality at tea time and how they actually are slowly but surely merging into the one and only system of choice for the mass.

We have had the MTV Generation , We now have the you tube and face book generation, but what next , and next is going to be 3 years from now, in fact what’s current is already past and soon is being worked on now.

When You Tube arrived, some said with a grin " ohh !! little videos that you can watch with a magnifying glass " lots of skeptics laughing at it, but now look at how anyone can film and upload and deliver full HD material from anywhere.

So what are the established technology critics going to say about it all now that analogue TV has gone forever ? unless your one of those nostalgic people who collects 78s. CDs are now a thing of the past, and Video mixing and cutting is now possible on an I phone ? HD video cameras start at 165 Euros and Simons cat has had five million views on you tube !!.

What are they going to say in years to come. Imagine something the size of a credit card doing something like an I phone does today, something like LCD screens embedded into contact lenses,  LCD bathroom tiles where you can change your design at the touch of a button. Just a few ideas that could and will be normal everyday life very soon, watch this space.


Technology is the result of human fantasy.


Saturday, 13 November 2021 10:02


Theaters, Musicals, small events, large events, festivals, concerts , bars, clubs, restaurants, fast food, shopping center’s, do we really have too many ?

On a recent excursion through the city at about two in the afternoon, I noticed a considerable lack of people but a multitude of shops; I could literally walk from one end of the city to the other through shopping areas and not get rained on.

The city center thrives mainly on the people who work there, tourists and someone like me who might take a trip down town to see what’s new,

I bought a kit Kat.

As it is, in the boroughs we also have shopping centers so we don’t need to go into the city to buy a tie or a model aircraft for young Johnny; we have the whole exciting shopping experience right in front of our door.

Where I live we have two and soon we will have three so we will be living in the middle of a triangle of shopping centers with three Aldis Three Lidles three of everything.We already have twenty seven bakeries “ last count” seventy hairdressers, five organic food supermarkets and umpteen chemists  all within walking distance.

It’s nice to get into the city and stop off and have a meal or a coffee with a visiting relative or friend and one can also watch frustrated drivers stuck in jams looking for free parking spaces that don’t exist.

One can see which shop has been gutted and refurbished for about the fifth time or hear the sound of the builders hammering away at yet another multimillion euro building scheme that is still not finished due to over budgeting.

We may have experts telling us all kinds of things but in my opinion we have reached,


First: we have far too many channels of communication that we don’t have enough time to consume manage or even establish anything anymore.

Second: we have far too many square feet of entertainment space that not every place can be full and interesting at any one time and

third: rents ancillary costs have shot through the roof.

Change is inevitably on the way.


Saturday, 13 November 2021 09:58

Ban bank holidays ?

Previously posted  April 2012

Its been written in the news that bank holidays cost ” The economy ” millions.

First its probably just a filler as they have nothing better to report on , or is it a conspiracy theory propaganda tactic prior to legislation to get rid of bank holidays alltogether.

I personally disagree for a start. Its been tested and proven that those little breaks between work make people more productive.

If we don’t have bank holidays then it will cost the tourist / entertainment / fun park / zoos / gastronomy / hotel industry and myself,

millions. Its a waste of time even bothering to think about it in the first place. In fact a waste of time me even writing about it.


Saturday, 13 November 2021 09:49

Agony uncle or psycological dustbin ?

Previously Posted. March 2018

Some thirty years ago I was put into the privileged position of becoming totally broke and homeless. I had lost everything, girlfriend, car bank account and was given forty eight hours notice to move out. I say privileged position because one finds out who ones real friends are !

Completely wiped off the monopoly board I had ended up renting a room from an old friend. My income was social security, which sort of allowed me to think about my next moves.

I was in the middle of rebuilding my life, I had already achieved the status of being part time employed but things were still rocky. One day I was doing some mathematics, trying to work out how I  could scrape another two hundred and twenty within ten days to  pay my rent. The phone rang. On the phone was Frank, a guy I had got to know in the city one night after work. I didn’t really know too much about him, but within five minutes I knew his life story, he was depressed and in a very bad mood and needed some advice.

His mother had promised to cut him off from the inheritance. If he didn’t do as he was told, he stands to lose the three houses, the thirty five rented properties, the late eighteenth century antiques and paintings, and the house in the Italian Riviera, I said “Ohh that’s really bad , I’m just working out how I’m going to find another two hundred and twenty to pay my rent in ten days”. He put the phone down on me never to be heard of again.

Its a strange world.




Saturday, 18 September 2021 06:33

Mind War Pollution

As seen on television, Its a mind war Its pollution of our minds, observations of reality in a world going wrong.

News placed directly into our hands from any small corner of the world can start to make us think Its a big bad cold world out there, no one cares,

but is this true ?

From my own life experiences I have come across people who other people consider bad people, the reason why they think they are bad people is because someone else, or something else told them.

I have been living in a borough of Hamburg for the last twenty years, here we have almost every race, religeon, colour,nationality, gender and social status that exists, even a tibettan throat singer and a man who gos for walks with a parrot on his shoulder. People go about their day and everything seems to be just fine in this little part of the world untill we switch on the news.

I wrote mind war and pollution to bring on reality.

You can listen to it here



Saturday, 18 September 2021 06:21

Why I like DJing

I was asked why I like DJing some time ago, Why do people like motor racing ? fishing ? golf ? or stamp collecting ? I think its at the time when I first started It was a sort of new form of entertainment. It was also an open door to other things like getting on radio, or moving in to other areas of entertainment. For me I think it was putting together the music , the lighting and creating an audio visual  experience. In a disco one was entering into an other world and forgetting the every day grind.  The programming of the music to create an atmosphere and excite people of on or off to the dance floor and the challenge of keeping the dance floor full. Its a sort of tribal thing, different people like different music styles. many different emotions in one night.
Saturday, 18 September 2021 06:05

Im going out I want the world to know.

My parents bought a tape recorder and as kids we used to play about singing messing about on microphone.
Hearing our voices on tape for the first time was quite a thing, as time went on , one would find me cutting tape up and editing and eventualy making up cassettes.
Others would come round and I would be recording interviews and comedy sketches with others doing impersonations of news reporters and generally doing it all for fun.
By the time I was 16 I was working for small local radio station for a children's hospital gaining some new skills. I had gotten the DJ bug. I was doing private parties such as weddings and twentyfirst birthdays at 18. I built my own disco in lights and aquired some second hand equipment. A lot of DJ equipment at the time was in its early stages and was usualy built by some ambitious person with knowledge. I eventually got a job in a nightclub in 1980 just at the start of the new wave scene, at the time it was Disco , Soul n Funk , Northern soul and motown , jazz funk or Rock in most clubs.
I followed the various directions in music not wanting to get stuck somewhere. I was basically doing a thursday playing the new wave stuff like Joy Division, Gary Newman , Visage , Soft Cell and a Friday more in the Soul n Funk direction. Following all that I watched the development of electric funk towards the Break dance, scratching DJs ,rap, hip hop and the irival of beat boxes and other tools.
A lot of music has becomie more danceable these days and geners are merging to such an extend to to such an extend that you can't label it any more.