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Some twenty years ago I was asked to present a three hour radio show on the German radio station Evosonic ( evolution of sound ) this was true DJ and electronic music radio featureing techno mixes by various DJs and covering the club music of the time, house hip hop techno trance club sound and a lot of experimental music. The response was amazing.

The future Sound of Radio 23 , the 2018 summer edition , featuring some of the top tracks this summer enjoy.

The future Sound of Radio 22 , the begining or 2018 and the run up to the 2020s featuring some of the top tracks.

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Evosonic was a German radio station that specialized in electronic dance music that was available via cable and satellite.  The station was operated by a team led by Chris-Maico Schmidt aka Mike S. from Stuttgart and principal shareholder Frank Heitmeyer. The first broadcast took place on May 1st, 1997 from Cologne. The broadcasting ended on 1 October 1999.

Evosonic didn’t submit to the conventions of format radio, but always left his music writers and DJs who renounced largely on a fee, a lot of freedom.

The program covered many styles of electronic music and traditional high musical quality. As managing director and head of programming from Evosonic Radio, Chris-Maico Schmidt aka Mike S. won the German Dance Award in the category „Best Medium“ in January 2000.