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90s House Sounds

There were many masters at work during the 90s , THE Masters at work , Little" Louie Vega and Kenny "Dope" Gonzalez, The C& C Music factory and many more , The latter played a big part in my DJ sets during the mid 90s at leats 30% of my set consisted of anythig related to their work. Club Dance House Garage , what ever you call it , if its got rhythm, its a club tune.



Future Sound Of Radio

Bringing you a global empire of electronic music, DJs, producers and sounds. 

Some twenty years ago I was asked to present a three hour radio show on the German radio station Evosonic ( evolution of sound ) this was true DJ and electronic music radio featureing techno mixes by various DJs and covering the club music of the time, house hip hop techno trance club sound and a lot of experimental music. The response was amazing.

The future Sound of Radio 23 , the 2018 summer edition , featuring some of the top tracks this summer enjoy.

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There were a lot of incredibly talented musicians who would get together and produce some incredibly funky jazzy tunes , too many to list on here. A lot of these musicians created some of the funkest dance tunes of the mid 70s right up to the mid eighties and beyond , a lot of this music is still being played ins decerning clubs and events even today. the journey through fourty years of club tunes is being rouned off with some of the gems, hard to find tracks .


Something Electric happened in the 90s

On my journey through 40 years of club music , which went from the deep recesses of innovative dance music right up to tracks that actually made the charts. With access to the tools to make the music combined with an expanding, but however, fragmenting club scene , many new genres arrived on the scene.
Some of the tracks became collectors items on vinyl others film sound tracks , others club anthems. Some of the acts traveled the world and are still active today at many festivals. This was the beginning of what was to bleed over to the new millennium.

Soul Sounds out of the box

Following m DJ career through the late 70s to almost present day , a selection of records played by many DJs in many clubs. Out of the box on to the turn tables. you can hear the sound of the needle running through the grooves.




Soulfull Summer 2018

This is a mix of soulfull summer hits from the past , part of my own journey and tunes reminding me of places and people of the past.



The Peoples choice

I have a black book , In it are lists of records that I have played and most requested by the people in the clubs I have worked. this is a look into some of the funky tunes from late 70s early 80s , great musicianship, some fantastic bass lines and incredible synth solos. Also a little tribute to Maurice White from Earth wind and fire, who sadly passed away during the time I was selecting and preparing music for this podcast.