Continuing my tour of Europe as DJ and pulling out some of those great tunes from some great times sit back relax and remember

The idea of producing a local magazine might sound like pie in the sky to any ordinary individual , it was 2003 and I was in a situation, struggling to get work ,feeling completely stressed out and left out , however my mind was buzzing with ideas , I decided to create my own work. WEST SIDE not only West Side Magazine , but the idea of having it linked to a web site and a web site linked to downloadable local artist stuff a blog a local interactive platform.

In the area there were bars opening up , various boutiques , cafes , theres a live music venue alternative cinema showing interesting films and some retro cult films. Plenty of scope for dates for art exhibitions , local info it was like without having to think too hard I had enough stuff to fill years and years of concept. and how to get this rolling on a no budget.

I was only a young boy but took it all in from the older boys in the street, there seemed to be quite a mix , some were into rock music others into the soul music and others into both and had essential albums in their collections. The late sixtees and early seventees rock is a music is a culture of its own, and then the enture glam rock thing took things into other dimensions. Over the years I have worked in many open air public events and been asked about this area of music , which has always been a refreshing change for me. Quite a collection can be accumulated over a period of years and just to take in bands like Ram Jam " with black betty , Deep Purple , AC DC, ZZ top to name a few and then top it up with some eightees classic bands like Guns n Roses , Van Halen, Bon Jovi and Queen , then there is enough music to do an entire rock classics party night. Obviously from a DJ point of view its a collective scenario. 

Here are some radio shows featuring fourty years of rock classics, enjoy.


Below are some radio shows featuring fourty years of rock classics, enjoy.



When I started club Dj-ing in nineteen seventy nine the main stream dance music of the time was either soul and funk or disco. I was reaching back a few years into the beginnings of the funk era. The repetoire consisted of some of the first Kool and the Gang hits "funky stuff and hollywood swininging comes to mind" Commodores " brick house " Fatback Band and Fat Larrys Band, all of which were coming through the major city clubs. I still have a large collection of this music in my archive, I have noticed in recent years many bar DJs playing some of this music from compilation CDs and I was actually quite surprised to hear something like " David Bendeth feel the real from nineteen seventy nine, fourty years later in a bar near my home. The philadelphia International label contributed a lot to the disco era and so did the arrival of various new technologies.


Northern Soul Motown is still alive today , there are many events following this trend.

This music had a particular sound and a culture behind it, Although northern soul sounded very much like the so called motown sound a lot of northern soul was on smaller labels and limited amounts were released thus becoming valuable collectors items. Its said that the Northern Soul music trend became very popular all over the North West of England, Wigan casino being a well known spot for playing those Northern Soul Classics, some of the single Vinyl now exchanges hands for high prices. Motown music however hit the UK charts and was avainlable everywhere at that time any DJ in the north of England could be playing anything from Marvin Gaye Diana Ross and The Jackson five Smokey Robinson, the temptations right down to the depths of the Northern souls roots. mainly from Detroit but a also Los Angeles, Memphis, Chicago, and New Orleans as well. 


Just to quote Duke Ellington whose lyrics were written by Irving Mills for the legendary jazz piece sung by ella fitzgerald.

Some experiences I have had at events were requests for swing. I actually got called up to do a gig with another DJ who was a specialist in this are of music and it basically needed some research on my part. I was to do the first few hours warm up , it was also a tuxedo job, very upmarket . I managed a two hour set of swing and big band sound , during the arrival of guests.

Many Styles of music but not necessarily on the same night in the same venue.

I can and have been known to do specialised areas of music for special events and this is something a lot of younger DJs tend to avoid. It might appear to some that that is more to DJ-ing than electronic beats coming out of a lap top or live mixing with abelton and a midi controller of sorts accompanied by lots of knob twiddling. Sure times and trends evolve and im sure any media or entertainment professional will agree with me that trendy club music doesn’t go down too well at a mixed age group family or corporate event. But on the other hand I'm not going to bore my audience with a standard program either.

Altonator is an experiment with abstract film footage to a forthcoming track on the new album weather on one.

End of the line . For the past 15 years I have been living between many building projects one of which is alomost finished after five years Altona neu Mitte. for many years its been disused but was a very busy goods yard with many offices warehouses railway lines with locomotives and thousands of railway personnel working there. It has been turned in to a brand new part of Altona with new flats shops and small business units. I have been documenting its progress over the years.

Overload is about the fact that there are so many events and activities going on in the city that we are literaly spoilt for choice as we see the many posters pasted onto the front of the disused shopping centre.

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