A Music Video showing scenes of Hamburg Harbour

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Weather On One

A journey into abstract sound design , inspired by cold wet rainey nordic beaches.

many sounds relating to the sounds of the weather, the sudden changes made for a film which was never produced, however part of a larger multimedial experience today, featuring abstract visual art to sound. 






I started DJing about 1976 but eventually went full time professional , the sets of podcasts were a project in 2018 about the music that accompanied me on a journey through many countries. sit back enjoy some great music from a great era.

The 90s brought us the techno and rave scene to its utmost. Music projects , sampling of older stuff mixed for the dancefloor, DJ ensembles, production crews the likes of Little" Louie Vega and Kenny "Dope" Gonzalez. Otherwise known as Masters at work , the evolution sound , to the point that we had escaped from conventional instruments and sounds and moved to digital , manipulation of sounds, any sound. Fat boy slim proved that. It was also more or less the end of the DJ and clubbing era as we then knew it. More clubs , more musical geners and total overload but exciting developments.

A tribute to some of eras of music over the last half a century

A tribute to some of the clubs I worked in as DJ starting with my very first residency Leighton Court. The place was Neston on the Wirral , the music was funky.

Still on the Journey through four decades of club music , heres part three of favoured music from some of the clubs i have worked in, so much good music that i could fill thousands of hours of radio here.

Continuing the Journey through four decades of club music , heres part 4 of favoured music Leighton Court , In part five we go down stairs to the other dancefloor for some new wave.

Clubbing 1981 Leighton Court , Downstairs There was the other dance floor , something started to develop at the begining of the 80s , the new wave scene, a new era . one club , many possibilities. last stop before embarking on a tour or Europe that would last ten years.

Part 6 of a series of radio shows , from my years as DJ all over Europe this time the Scandinavian tour , which took me all over the nordic regions , from Kristiansand in Norway right up to Tromso the island of Vado and a visit to nordkapp , all this allowing me to meet interesting people in interesting places, and DJ in some clubs at the same time. Remember at this time , not much TV not much Radio and up in the north of Norway it was difficult to get to know what music was going on elsewhere.

Club Sounds of the 80s , following My DJ years and picking out some hits on the dance floors all over Europe and Scandinavia. I left the UK in 1983 to follow a professional career as DJ with various agents, the future hadnt been invented.

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