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About the blog

Never before has it been so easy for the individual to express himself as it is today.

There are many musical sides to me, the need to make music, sampling, music programmer, engineer, remixer, the Disc Jockey both club and Radio and obviously the listener.
I have always had a passion for music that says something , I believe thats what belongs to our culture and thats why its came about, I see trends arriving way ahead however some trends I know will just fade out and be forgotten.

As a kid I was a big electronic musical instrument fan but never had access to such machines, back then it was financialy impossible for the individual, unless you had already sold half a milion records. I was the analogue synthesizer and recording guy into tape splicing and making wacky radio shows.

Apart from the tech side , because of travel and different cultures , I have also had a lot of experience playing pop rock alternative, jazz hip hop and usually DJayed at the more back street underground clubs , similar to those shops that tourists stumble upon and find rareities.

After following a DJ career starting in 1979 in Liverpool and travelling the world from 1982 to about 1992, I ended up in Hamburg North Germany.

I sample a lot of sound ( and now visual ) inspired by the environment in which i live in , or the global situation at the time.

The tracks on the weather on one CD are influenced partly by the latter and walks on the beach ( down river ) during unpredictable weather.
sIv got thousands of unique samples collected since samplers were born .and loads of bits n pieces collected over years. Its somewhat abstract but who cares. Its part of a whole multimedia experience.

My first radio experience was probably in my bedroom at a very early age when I was influenced by radio presenters from the great radio stations of the time like 208 Radio Luxembourg, BBC radio one and the pirate station Radio Caroline, I was just becoming aware of the world in which i was growing up in.
At the age of sixteen I found myself on a local radio station doing a children’s radio program and to quote the late John Peel , ( who also came from my home town ) “ all I ever wanted to do was present music on the radio.”

Between 1997 and 1999 I was given the chance of producing and presenting my own three hour peak time Saturday evening show on Evosonic radio (evolution of sound). Evosonic was broadcast all over Europe via satellite and cable frequencies in Germany and won the German dance music awards prize for best medium. E.mail was just starting to become the big thing at the time so instead, I was getting lots of faxes from all corners of Europe, in fact as far west as Donegal in Ireland and as far north as Tromso in Northern Norway.

Video killed the radio star they say and maybe the internet has killed it all and brought individualism into the limelight. Podcasts are the order of the day. My first experience with internet radio was, down loading music content made by individual artists , from the earlier, producing Jingles, constructing an entire radio show and uploading it back onto Besonic’s server.

Online radio in conjunction with mobile communication technology will revolutionise the way we listen to and do radio today. Infact everything audio and visual.

The gift of Sound and Vision.

Straight out of the box

Mix cloud is a legal online platform to place radio shows, no DJ mixes no individual tracks, just pure radio shows and thousands of them to choose from.

I have a selection of radio shows on there representing years of club music as it was at the time, Striaght out of the box came about when I was sorting through records and CDs and infact some tapes of DJ nights from times gone by. It was at that moment that I realised I needed to put all that history and knowlege to use. so a string of radio shows from different eras and years about who did what and how many records they sold, music reminding us of places and people from times gone by give it a try.



West Side Magazine

The idea of producing a magazine came into my head and immediately the name. WEST SIDE not only West Side Magazine , but the idea of having it linked to a web site and a web site linked to downloadable live music sessions linked to bands web sites. live audio streams from local locations , Film trailers linked to local cinema. the vision was there and more ideas came web site downloadable mini radios , mp3s of local bands. on line photo exhibitions, dates for art stuff , pictures people local info it was like without having to think too hard I had enough stuff to fill years and years of concept. and how to get this rolling on a no budget.

The full thing feeding itself on a local basis. Westside Guide, Magazine in print form, West Side Web and potential online shopping at a later date, Radio now called pod casts, West side Lounge artists meeting business people meeting and networking. West Side Live a set of live gigs in many locations, one ticket many venues. west side new media stage on local public events and of course the later product diversification.

There were many differences between me and what I was going to do and what others do. Money wasnt the issue because I didn’t have any, also I was reaching deep down into the very tiny recesses of the local area culture. I reckoned 10 smallish businesses would finance this.

People thought I was mad, one side of the family thought I was dreaming , you know the usual “ it costs thousands, you have to have know how, a degree in knowing how to work it out , how are you going to to do this that the other. “ like as if I hadn’t thought about it ? One or two said “ I was confident , optimistic , determined and this was my only chance and way out of the rut I was in.

I went out with a colour print out of an idea that I did on my PC with page maker.

Im not a graphic designer lay outer it was primitive and looked rather amateur. The magazine had to come out in march 2004 because literally no one believed it was possible. I suppose it was the lack of ambition that most people have when having a standard dayjob. other people are succesfull , other people become famous pop stars photographers film makers etc.

On a cold snowed up February In Jeans & parker armed with print outs of page sizes and prices I went out there and called in many shops. In two weeks I had tapped the minds of the local business people and built up a picture.

I met a mix of many somewhat frustrated talented artists in need of a platform to express themselves. On the other hand I met dynamic young fast moving , some invited me into the back for a cup of tea coffee a beer , some gave me the occasional bottle of wine or kilo of coffee as a present and the result. I sold this magazine with not one cent in my pocket and in the first month, I made a profit of 1200 Euros.

The Problems that came along were just a few not paying their bills until the very last warning from the courts ( two I had to go through the courts to get my money ) another problem was trust, as they say in Germany trust is ok  but control is better. There  other knocks cuts and bruises but we all learn from this stuff.

Along the way I met several people with several aims and ambitions aquired a lot of contacts. After one year i noticed the larger print meda companies taking an interest in this area, I also knew that every month is something went wrong I was weeks away from bankrupcy, so I broke even and stopped whilst the going was good. One thing is for sure, If a large media company had believed in me and took me on, they would have been making a large profit from this , and not just financialy.