Altona/Ottensen was a somewhat bohemian kind of borough of Hamburg and on arriving in 1996 the whole place looked like it was being rebuilt , there were empty buildings derelict building new buildings restored buildings. Any short cuts through Ottensen were through one building site after the other, even the Mercado shopping centre was a hole in the ground.

Web Technologies Development and Deployment.

What do you want & where do you want it.

The world wide web is a different place than it was some ten years ago, and even my over eighty year old father uses a smart phone, reads his daily news on a tablet PC, and uses skype. so in theory those that want to be part of it have actually become part of it and are also learning fast, I specialise in bringing you the best solution to deploy your content, without blinding you with science or confusing you with jargon. 

What can be achieved 


Some different colored lighting can make a dull room look a lot more exciting than it usually is.

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Lighting for Night of the Churches Hamburg September:

I was asked to light up the church to make it more attractive as a result it did attract a few people to come in and see the live acts that were playing.
Stand alone par 56 lamps were used to light up the columns and a few rotating effects to enhance the dome above the altar and the entrance area.

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