A Brief History:

 It has been a long long journey through many countries clubs and music styles.

In the beginning I was heavily influenced by those top DJs on the likes of Radio Luxembourg 208 and Radio Caroline.

Radio Caroline was a pirate radio station broadcasting from a ship in the North Sea. Radio Luxembourg broadcast from the grand duchy, both renowned for personality DJs and influencing the youth of the time with some great music. There is a lot of history about both of those radio stations to be found all over the internet.

Back in those days we didn’t have the technology that we have today, equipment ( if any)  was expensive, most of it was homemade or made by small companies serving that growing industry. I started like many a budding DJ at the time, by practicing in my bedroom with a reel to reel tape machine a microphone a record player and some records. In fact recently I found a tape of me practicing but I won’t be embarrassing myself by putting it on here.

At the age of sixteen I was a member of a local Hospital radio station. I realized I had a passion for music, radio broadcasting and producing radio shows. Kenny Everett definitely had a massive influence on me for his incredible work in producing interesting radio content; he actually stretched the technological possibilities to the limits at the time and may I add taking four hours to produce a few minutes of content..

Club Work.

By the time I was nineteen I had already done several private party’s in locations all over the north west, My first real live DJ experience was a 14 year olds Birthday I was 16 at the time. I had already been out and about with some of the older DJs on larger events and picked up a lot of interesting tips. My Club work started suddenly one evening when my father called up a pub where I was at one Thursday evening and told me that , Leighton Court Country Club need a Disc Jockey straight away. I drove home picked up my records and got there fast.

Leighton Court: shortly before being demolished

After a successful Thursday night ( for a group of Carlett Park college students ) I was asked to come back again and again until eventually I was working many nights on an almost full time basis all over the North West.

One must remember that at this time , Disc Jockeys had to research and find sources for good music , usually importers willing to let you have the latest music a lot of time was consumed getting hold of the tunes to play on the various nights.

At the beginning of the eighties I was meeting up with other Disc Jockeys who were working abroad, and eventually left the north west of England to pursue a career as full time professional Disc Jockey working in almost forty clubs in ten countries.


Working for various agents all over the place can be quite exciting but it also has its draw backs , especially being a foreigner in a foreign country not knowing the language, getting stuck when the car has broken down , having no work for a few months can also drain the bank account.  It’s a very steep learning curve on self-management and organisation.

Scandinavia,Tromso is about 300 kilometers above the arctic circle and at the time about five British Disc jockeys worked in that city and many in surrounding areas would converge on the place to buy records. I found it fascinating that despite the weather everything was still happening as normal , but obviously with a different infrastructure.

Tromso Norway : View from my apartment

I spent about two years touring Scandinavia and enjoyed every minute of it , due to licencing laws at the time we didnt really work too many hours. 


The grand duchy and home of Radio Luxembourg was a place that many British DJs frequented,especially the white rose pub,  I worked the royal Bugatti club which is no longer there.

 The Posemuckel as it was called was a traditional German Bierdorf concept ( Beer Village.)

Posemuckel is a fictitious name for a place , The Pose as it was called by the locals was known as " the place that no one admitted to having ever been, or knowing where it was. But every Tuesday, Thursday,Friday and Saturday it was so full that it would take you twenty minutes to get from the back disco to the exit.

When you met someone in there that claimed to never go there they would say they just happened to be passing by or needed small change for the pub over the road.

The Posemuckel was in the Bleichenbrücke 10 in Hamburg down stairs in the cellar of a large shopping Centre. There were twelve bars and three discos to choose from catering for all ages and all sorts of events. So you could either party to 60s -70s oldies and rock music go the the main disco catering for more mainstream charts and disco music, or go to the disco in the back room playing a more sophisticated funky sound.

I completed three separate contracts in the back disco playing such tracks as Chaka Chan, Aint nobody, Hi Tension, Aurra, Fat Larry´s Band, Act like you know, Colonel Abrams, Kool and the Gang mixed in with some Soul and funk Classics.

There was ( as always )  local criticism about this place as some people with somewhat biased opinions considered it " Un-trendy " due to its wide range of entertainment and age group.( but they were also there ) It was well managed, well organized , and well known all over the area. The DJs were professionals, on six month contracts and the atmosphere very lively.

The web site can be seen here www.posemuckel-hamburg.de


La Triplice meaning the Three places , was a fascinating little Disco in Nyon , upstairs was a restaurant ground level a bar and café open all day, downstairs the disco I worked there several months and enjoyed exploring the ancient buildings along the lakeside.

Nyon is in the canton of Vaud in Switzerland. Located some 25 kilometers north east of Geneva's city center and on the lake Geneva part of the metropolitan area of Geneva.

Trinity Hamburg

The Discotheque trinity opened in 1978 in the Eimsbüttler Chaussee and was undoubtedly one of the best clubs in Hamburg, Its studio 54 style design,fantastic lighting and lazer show along with well managed music program , made it something worth a visit when in Hamburg. I worked there sporadically during its final days, Whilst in Hamburg on a short visit. ( in picture , the Baltic Köln Company yearly party ) Trinity changed names and became, Offline and then Base and then Trinity again, and eventually closed for ever.

There exists a tribute web site to one of Hamburgs, or in fact, one of the best clubs in Europe at the time.


View the embedded image gallery online at:

Aftershave was a club on a slip road from the famous Reeperbahn in Hamburg , capacity about 300 open 6 days a week. The club opened in 1978 in a different loction and moved nearer to St Pauli. I worked there from 1992 until 1996 probably one of the longest residencies, It was no doubt one of the best clubs I worked in, great sound , in house record collection contained everything that I had ever played as DJ in impeckable condition. A well looked after JBL sound system would greet me every Saturday and Sunday evening. Unfortunately nothing lasts forever and I moved on.

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Kaifu Lodge was one of Hamburgs favorite sports centers presenting six major events a year.

I consulted them on various issues over a period of three years and we built up the events from a three hundred  to two thousand capacity even, with extra level dance floor.  

Just a selection of the many clubs i have worked in , and all of them had many memories and particular historic values attached to them

CEBIT Hannover 







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