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The music business is not dead.


Going back some twenty years ago, I predicted that the music industry will end up fragmented, as more and more independent labels arrived on the scene.

Technological change played a major role,but a new music era ( techno trance and goa ) was happening right in front of the noses of some major companies,some and let me emphasize the " some" had personnel who knew nothing about street credibility and just carried on regardless. I do know of one music business employee who went from the accounts department into A&R within a few weeks a transformation of hair style and clothing took place.  

Larger companies have already started to reduce and prune their catalog down to only those acts bringing in suitable revenue. At the time a lot of people thought I was talking rubbish or being negative, but I wasn’t being negative, I was acknowledging the fact that technology was advancing and people were just plodding along as if nothing will ever happen, but it did. I had the work around and many solutions to that forthcoming problem too.

Higgs Boson


So a major discovery of a particle that some physicians, anticipated back in the sixties has now been discovered, well so it appears.

The stuff that holds stuff together! Does this mean we are on the verge of yet another major discovery of something that could accelerate us further forward technologically ? This was discussed mid ninetees in a late night bar, " the next big jump in human discovery since the wheel " .

Could this be the very beginning of disintegration and reintegration of matter? Or in layman’s terms beaming people and stuff across the planet? Has the age old fantasy of beaming like star trek arrived? The film “ The Fly” comes to mind, where the mad scientist gets mixed up with a fly.  Let’s face it the idea of flying has been in the heads of humans for hundreds of years, and we achieved it from first flight to rockets to the moon and supersonic flight in less than 70 years! so why not beaming us here and there ?  Ok we had been experimenting and fantasizing for a long time before that , see Icarus or those who voluntarily jumped out of the towers or off cliffs to their deaths, for the sake of proving its possible.

It does what it says on the box

When I think back to about twenty years ago, musicians would kill for a piece of vinyl or a recording deal. Recording studios were large premises expensive to install and daily rental would be well above a week’s wages. There was a certain level of arrogance and snobbery attached to it all as well, sort of like you had to have your own clip board and badge to be one of the elite members of this establishment, not to mention wear the right T shirt.


after pressing the tab button reason turns to show the wiring at the back

Communication Overload

Theaters, Musicals, small events, large events, festivals, concerts , bars, clubs, restaurants, fast food, shopping center’s, do we really have too many ?

On a recent excursion through the city at about two in the afternoon, I noticed a considerable lack of people but a multitude of shops; I could literally walk from one end of the city to the other through shopping areas  and not get rained on. The city center thrives mainly on the people who work there, tourists and someone like me who might take a trip down town to see what’s new, I bought a Kit Kat.

As it is, in the boroughs we also have shopping centers, so we don’t need to go into the city to buy a tie or a model aircraft for young Johnny; we have the whole exciting shopping experience right in front of our door. Where I live we have two and soon we will have three so we will be living in the middle of a triangle of shopping centers with three Aldis Three Lidles three of everything. We already have twenty seven bakeries “ last count” seventy hairdressers, five organic food supermarkets and umpteen chemists , dentists and  doctors surgerys, all within limping distance.

Serious SH+1=T a formular for the future

Fifteen years later technology had moved from, what was classed as a fad, a hobby and something experimental, to really serious shit.

Back then we had the arrogance of those, who, because they had the money they had the gear and thus the power to create stuff, they could call the shots. Some of the latter didn’t realize that their days were numbered and that technological advancement will eat away their very delicate brittle little protective shell and they will become one of the rest.

Technology had been moving at such a fast pace at that time that although a confusing time, stuff became affordable. If we look on the software and programming side of things, all you really needed was a computer, any computer and knowledge.  

It was a complete reversal of the norm, “ what you don’t know MIGHT HURT you ” .

Back then I did say, web pages will one day become web sites with more functions; web domains will one day be able to show “Video” meaning MEDIA ON DEMAND is inevitable. I also said in 1998 that Internet television will present even more choices, will be the next big thing and obviously the established will try to brush it under the carpet but keep at least one eye open. Some thought I was talking rubbish or they were frightened of the truth… and now today ? Media on demand is starting to become order of the day amongst the under thirties, and the modern thinking over forties.

We do notice how major TV stations are grabbing interesting content from the internet and showing it in lower quality at tea time and how they actually are slowly but surely merging into the one and only system of choice for the mass. 

In the Sixties we had the transistor radio generation, We have had the MTV Generation , We now have the you tube and face book generation, but what next ?, and next is going to be 3 years from now, in fact what’s current, is already past and soon is being worked on now. At time of writing the I phone 4 g is here or is the 6 g iv lost count.

Agony Uncle or Psycological Dustbin


Some twenty five years ago I was put into the privileged position of becoming totally broke and homeless.

I had lost everything, girlfriend, car, bank account and was given forty eight hours notice to move out. I say privileged position because one finds out who ones real friends are ! Completely wiped off the monopoly board I had ended up renting a room from an old friend, who himself needed a lodger to reduce his costs. My income had been until recent times , social security, which sort of allowed me to think about my next moves.

I was in the middle of rebuilding my life, I had already achieved the status of being employed but things were still rocky. One day I was doing some mathematics and trying to work out how I  could scrape another two hundred and twenty German marks together within ten days to  pay my rent when the phone rang. On the phone was Frank, a guy I had got to know whilst out and about in the city one night. I didn’t really know too much about him , but within five minutes I knew his life story, he was depressed and in a very bad mood and needed some advice.

His mother had promised to cut him off from the inheritance. If he didn’t do as he was told, he stands to lose the three houses, the thirty five rented properties, the late eighteenth century antiques and paintings, and the house on the Italian Riviera, I said “Ohh that’s really bad , I’m just working out how I’m going to find another two hundred and twenty German marks to pay my rent in ten days”. He put the phone down on me. never to be heard of again.

But is it ART


As far as art is concerned I myself am influenced by my own psychological state and social circumstance at the time.

For me anything called art is about the era in which it was produced, how one expresses ones self and how it inspires others.

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, if you like it and it strikes you as something suitable for the living room then buy it.

My art works towards the end of the ninetees and beginning of the new millenium examined the relationship between pre and post millennium attitude by exploiting the contrast and conflict between the throw away society and ecological awareness.

It demonstrated the out-of-control nature of technological progress combined with materialism and the effect of such progress on the very art form itself. 

The art works are made out of obsolete consumer electronic components and project a three dimensional effect, Art for the blind may be ?

Some of the parts cost about three to five hundred dollars and became obsolete within  just a few years.

This particular piece was created from bits of wire lying about. Inspired by the Temptations song ” ball of confusion.” and the area in which I live in , which is undergoing a gentrification process.


Hatari Daktari Atari

Just recently at a party the name of a restaurant in the area came up in the conversation,Hatari,

Hatari specialize in German food from the Rhineland-Palatinate Region.

As we were all wondering what Hatari actually meant, One person got her smart phone out and started to do some research.

Hatari a film featuring Howard Hawks where a group of men trap wild animals in Africa and sell them to zoos etc,no one had heard about it or even seen the film, then we moved on to who Mata Hari was and a whole string of words came along like Atari the computers, Daktari and off things went on a tangent towards Clarence the lion and monkeys until I realized, this is similar to the pocket calculator generation syndrome. I can still estimate and calculate stuff in my head as I have learnt to do that as a child at school, and this is a generation who don’t even think or remember, they just grab the smart phone and Google it. Then I started to realize how other gadgets are influencing our lives, like navigation systems in cars, where on one occasion because it ´didn’t say stop the driver drove straight through a red light. He actually needed the navigation system to navigate 3 kilometers from one part of town to another turning right straight on then left and stop. The effect of technology on our lifes is being seen everywhere. As people now have instant acces to information , why do we need education at all ? It is also noticable that people believe that they should be served instantly at the meat counter in the local supermarket.

Hold your horses I say , this is the real world.