Sound Design

Is a very interesting field and sound has been used to enhance theatrical productions for a long time, some of the pioneers of sound design were actually women, one perfect example is Delia Derbyshire an English musician and composer of electronic music best known for her electronic realisation of Ron Grainer's theme music to Doctor Who and for her work with the BBC, she also contributed to the soundtrack to the film The Legend of Hell House.


Dave Wakeham has been a pioneer himself from childhood days, Splicing reel to reel tape, improvising with circuitry, early Dj-ing days included soujnds of passing trains planes and intro jingles. Equipment back then was really unobtainable by the average person. ARP and such like synthesizers were built by specialists and bought by rock stars for thousands of dollars.

Dave now has the complete music production technology and skills to go with in his studio in Hamburg.


This is a film demonstrating the use of sound to enhance the atmosphere.


The Musik Project Achtern Diek ( meaning behind the dyke in Plattdeutsch a north German dialect) is a one off journey into electronic music and sound design influenced by life in northern areas of Europe, a sort of Nordic del mar if you could call it that. available here.

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