It was in the seventies when I was heavily influenced by those top DJs on the likes of Radio Luxembourg 208 and Radio Caroline.

Radio Caroline, Radio Luxembourg, BBC Radio 1, had a massive influence on how radio was done back then.

These days there are so many channels to choose from that we are literally spoiled for choice and have become more critical. In those days we didn’t have the channels that we have today. We can now listen to a Californian radio station whilst driving along a motorway in Poland we are definitely a global radio community now.

My first Radio show was a children's radio show at the age of 16 on a local radio station.

Now its possible for any one to create rich radio content in the form of pod casts or short Radio show cuts for deployment anywhere from their own home.

Combining years of DJ, Radio presentation and knowledge with today’s technology, this amounts to a large amount of scope in new media production presentation and deployment thereof.

Research & presentation of radio shows, as well as music jingles and shouts.

Web or broadcast ready, Radio shows on request.

or pop over to Harbour state and listen to some pod-casts here

Ready made radio shows :

Presented in English , available via download link or drop box.

All ready made radio shows are delivered as .Aiff .Wav .Mp3 formats 44.1khz/24bit  Or choose your own specification.

Usually three or four one hour shows in sections. Presenting history and information about the artists in question.

Specializing in the following.

60s Pop Radio Show , Featuring news sound bites cuts and events of the time.

70s Disco sound , partially mixed together with information about the artists and events at the time.

New Wave , the synth and wave bands of the eighties with information about the artists technology and events at the time.

The 90s Radio Show , featuring information about the artists and events at the time.

The global chart show. Researching the global top hits from many countries.

All new music show , Unbiased compilation of new music sent in by labels.

Demos available on request.

Podcasts here

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