Artist : Dave Wakeham

Title: Achtern Diek

Tracks: 11

Available :       More

After Leaving England and traveling around the world during his professional DJ career Dave Wakeham finally settled in Hamburg.
Since being in Hamburg, Dave has been involved in various song writing and music production projects, computational art forms and many events.


With a passion for computing, multimedia and electronic sound design and synthesizers,Dave has sampled thousands of sounds and collected a lot of musical audio and visual ideas.
Achten Diek is influenced by his Nordic travels, walks on cold wet windy northern beaches. Achtern Diek ( meaning behind the dyke in Plattdeutsch a north German dialect) is a one off journey into electronic music and sound design influenced by life in northern areas of Europe, a sort of Nordic del mar if you could call it that.
The Project became an absolute must, as hard disks became full , and projects needed to be released.

The entire project is part of a larger audio visual multimedia experience synchronizing visual art forms with sound.



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