Experiments with liight , unknown parts placed in obscure spaces. Alu dibond. 


The Garage in Altona / Hamburg.

Unfortunately in a post - post industrial era , Art Space had become more of a luxury item than a abundance , the garage has been a car repair station a workshop for metal work a storage space , there has been several partys and art shows in there too.

150 Square meters of white space to create develop and experiment, all gone now.

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The ethics and philosophies behind abstract art and music forms can be discussed for a thousand years; however, since the invention of the computer, abstract art forms have taken a different path , the methods may have changed .

Imyself am influenced by my own psychological state and social circumstance at the time. For me anything called art is about the era and environment in which it was produced, how one expresses ones self and how it inspires others.

My recent work examines the relationship between pre and post millennium attitude by exploiting the contrast and conflict between the throwaway society and ecological awareness.

It demonstrates the out-of-control nature of technological progress combined with materialism and the effect of such progress on the very art form itself.

The art works are made out of obsolete consumer electronic components and project a three dimensional effect, Art for the blind maybe ?

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Previous Work , acrylic on canvas

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