Over thirty years of experience:clubs:public events:many countries.
Video for web:abstract art forms:photography.
Over a thousand of hours of radio and specialist area research.
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Over the last twenty years our world has rapidly changed both technologically and socially.

Within just two decades music has evolved into many genres and has also become global with well visited festivals all over the planet.

We are living in a more modern high tech society with more on offer than ever before; the individual needs of the mature professional person are a lot different that ever before.

Over the years Dave Wakeham has been a professional Disc Jockey travelling far and wide through various agents. Hes been a radio presenter, multimedia artist, published a local magazine for over a year and has been involved in music production and various other media projects.

D is for DIGITAL

Over 20 years of computing, experienced in many technical areas, including building of specialized computer systems, involved in hardware design, online marketing , e-commerce solutions, familiar with and using internet programming structures, php my sql css3 Cms systems Joomla wordpress Tipo3. Dave also has an array of data rescue and restoration methods valuable in saving and preserving data.

A is for AUDIO

Complete music production from initial idea and matching today’s various markets to finished master. Massive knowledge of digital recording, M.I.D.I, Sequencer , Virtual Instruments Side chaining, synthesizer technology,sound designing, and installation of all of the above. Ability to think up, research  present , record  and produce entire radio shows, as well as film music score, and backwards compatible knowledge of methods used, time coding and syncing of sound to film, film music, sound restoration old sound to digital etc.

V is for VISUAL

Capturing and recording of visual material in many formats, film cutting and sound. Synchronizing, converting to various formats and codec’s DVD production including front end menus. Basic graphic work to restoration of photo or film. Writing skills include advertising spots and ideas for Viral advertising, two books written one about to be published ( the counterproductive society )


Co-ordinating different mediums. The presentation of anything audio or visual be it film, photo, music, art. in a presented form on or off stage, as disc jockey , radio presenter, TV presenter,  teacher . public experience, power point presentation, formulating presenting and teaching all of the above mentioned skills, all of the above can be produced and presented in video or web form.


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